If you do not take your ARVs, the amount of HIV in your body (red dots) keep growing

HIV will grow and take over your body without ARVs

If you delay starting or stop taking your ARVs, the HIV in your body will continue to grow and take over your body. When you get to this stage, your body will struggle to fight off any sickness. Once you get to this stage, you
can become very sick or die from Opportunistic Infections or HIV related illnesses, such as TB. You will also
risk transmitting HIV to your partner or your unborn child.

You can reach viral load suppression

By taking ARVs daily, you can reduce the amount of HIV in your blood so it is so low, it cannot hurt you or be passed on to anyone else. There is still HIV in your blood (the red dot) as there’s no cure, but if you keep taking your ARVs, you can achieve viral load suppression. You are virally suppressed when your viral load test shows you have 50 copies/ml or less.